Odd/Even Game Winners

Equalim is a quick action game, made in 2 days for the Even Weekend Game Jam 6

EWGJ#6 Winner

An level based, arcade style top down shooter with unique mechanics made by bluzi#4441 (sounds by robneubauer#5323) for the third Odd Week Long Game Jam. The limitation was mouse only and the theme was Science Fiction. The theme inspired the aesthetic of the game.

OWLGJ#3 Winner

This is the story of a child. Abandoned in the first steps of their life, they escape reality in their dreams. This virtual journey will teach them to look forward and accept to be someone else than their parent’s kid. They’ll have to go through a maze of hardships while being guided by their parents in the form of a benevolent bell . Will they be able to let go to reach their goal?

OWGJ#16 Winner

Create candy bars and serve them up to customers but watch out for the timer under the dialogue box. When the time runs out the customer will grab the candy bar before you are ready.

OWLGJ#2 Winner

Help the red jelly bear escape the jelly maze using only the mouse and avoid hitting the blue jelly bears.


Shoot your way though a strange maze. Collect guts from your enemies and feed them to the chests to unlock rad power ups. Can you escape from the maze?

OWGJ#10 Winner

In Everybody Picks you will be controlling a hand going though a nose canal trying to find boogers. Move your way though the maze and you might find some treasure at the end.

OWGJ#7 Winner

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