Until Even Weekend Game Jam 8

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What is Even Weekend Game Jam?

Even Weekend Game Jam, is a game jam that starts and ends on the even weekend days of each month.
Whether you try a new mechanic for a prototype, or make a game with the mechanical theme the end result is to always have fun!!

Previous Weekend's Game Jam
Mechanical Theme: Secrets
Suggested By: LexLoco

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Even Weekend Game Jams are usually held on the even weekend days of each month. Starting on Friday @ 12:00a.m until Sunday @ 11:59p.m

Great!! Jam solo or Squad up and always have fun. Let’s get jamming 🙂

Check out our Crowd Forge:

The mechanical theme is required during each game jam.

Most Definitely!! Post it either on #EWGameJam or post it WIP on the discord channel. 

Any Engine can be used when making your game or prototype. Here are a few game engines if you need help finding one.

You are more than welcome to join the game jam at any time during the weekend. The whole goal is to at least try make something new.

Currently the game jam is hosted online, but maybe in the future it be hosted somewhere 🙂

Online assets are ok to use. Just be sure to credit work where credit is due.

During each game jams the #1 chosen game will be featured on the website for a week.

Hosted by: TheDrDevin & LexLoco